Understand universal licenses, permits, and other requirements to establish a formal business correctly (based in the USA). Get to know, depending on your business type, your industry, and your location what are the requirements that you must fulfill. You do not want a business to fail just because of failing to fulfill a basic legality.

Permits and Licenses: Understanding REQUIREMENTS to establish a business

Figuring out the permits and licenses for a business can be extremely intimidating.  Complexity comes mainly from the fact that different states, counties, and cities have different regulations. The last thing you want is for your business to fail because you didn’t fulfill a permissible requirement.

key topics covered

  • General types of licenses and permits for a new business
  • Which type of business entity is best for you:
    Sole proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation
  • Main advantages and disadvantages to each type of business
  • How to obtain key licenses and permits such as: Business license, Sellers permit, Corporation Filing, Fictitious Name, Federal identification number (EIN), Trademarks and copyrights, Other industry specific permits

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Each module in this course is about 2 hours long to complete. You can do at your own schedule, place, and at your own pace!

Permits and licenses are a requirement for every business and is a very serious subject matter in business.

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