This course helps entrepreneurs and business owners to understand and correct the most common mistakes in a new business. It also offers suggested solutions and practical tools to help prevent businesses from failing. Discover the top mistakes and the top solutions. Avoid becoming another statistic. Learn from other people’s mistakes!

The Top 12 Mistakes to Avoid
for New Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

We know that exact feeling you have right this second, that feeling where you are ready to start taking action with your brilliant idea. Allowing you to build the life you have always wanted! Now just for a moment, imagine what would happen if you made a few mistakes that would actually cause your brilliant idea, the idea that will give you financial freedom, to fail… Definitely not a good feeling, but what if you could avoid those futile mistakes?

As a team of very successful entrepreneurs, we knew that it was time to give back and share our knowledge with new entrepreneurs just like you. Many businesses tend to fail, not because the idea was bad or the concept wasn’t good. It was because there were one too many detrimental mistakes made, and the ambitious owner couldn’t figure out how to solve or overcome them.

In this course we will take you through the biggest mistakes you NEED to avoid as a new entrepreneur or business owner, and provide you with solutions to common problems.

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  • Know which mistakes to avoid before starting your business
  • How to correctly plan for your new business
  • How to gain access to capital and control finances
  • How to successfully open your business along with guidance to ongoing operations
  • Learn to manage your business and understand legalities
  • Learn best practices of running a successful business
  • Receive tools and solutions to common business problems

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This course is about 6 to 8 hours that you can do at your own time and pace!

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See what our entrepreneurs have to say.

“As a new business owner, this was a HUGE eye opener. To be honest I had already made one of the biggest mistakes, but this course showed me how to correct it. I recommend this course to anyone who is just starting out.” – Cristina Munoz, Graphic Design

“I have always felt like an entrepreneur. I’m so glad that before starting my business I invested into this course. Since taking this course, I have successfully launched my first business and I have this course to be thankful for.” – Jesus Ramirez, 28, San Diego

“I’ve never paid for a course before, but something told me to just dive in with this one. I am so glad that I did, because the launch of my business was so much smoother and more successful than I could have imagined.” – Daniel Gloss, 31, Charlotte

Thousands of entrepreneurs helped!

We know you are ready to start taking action with your business. We know that you have big ambitions. Before you dive into it, we are here to guide you through the mistakes to avoid so that you can not only have a successful start with your business, but so you can grow it into something huge.

Since you have read up to this point, it’s time to take action and learn from the pros. Learn from a team with combined experience that exceeds a lifetime.

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