Content for Groups


Content for Groups

It is very likely that many of your students or members have the “entrepreneurial spirit” and that is why they joined your organization.

We offer courses for entrepreneurs that would definitely complement their mission, without being competition, and making their results even more promising.

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Go Biz Go is a learning platform that offers online, on-demand digital courses that help entrepreneurs acquire key information to start and grow their own business.

The student learns, step by step, key topics such as:

  • The Main Mistakes of a New Business
  • How to Make a Functional Business Plan
  • The List of Licenses, Permits and Necessary Procedures
  • The Power of Promotion and Marketing
  • How to Thrive in Times of Decline
  • How to Be Your Own Boss
  • Among other relevant issues

The Platform is easy to use and includes:

  • Video Lessons
  • Illustrated e-books
  • Interactive Guides
  • Online Exams
  • Worksheets
  • Resources and Tools
  • Entrepreneur Reports
  • Access to Business Coaching

All this, in your own time, space and at your own pace.

Your group can benefit and bring you tangible benefits:

  • It complements and strengthens your resume
  • Does not require investment from your institution
  • Increase the success of your students
  • Raise your retention levels
  • Helps you grow and recommend your institution
  • Get more solid and tangible results
  • You support the dreams of your group

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This course has helped many entrepreneurs succeed!

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