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Complete entrepreneurial courses

It’s very likely that many of your students or team members have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and joined your organization for that very reason.

We offer entrepreneurial courses that will definitely complement your mission without competing with it, making your results all the more promising.

GoBizGo is a learning platform that offers courses, online and on demand, to help entrepreneurs acquire key information in order to open and grow their own business.

Students receive step-by-step guidance in relation to various key areas of relevance, such as the following:

  • Common new business mistakes
  • How to create an effective business plan
  • List of necessary licenses, permits and procedures
  • The power of marketing and promotion
  • How to prosper in an economic downturn
  • How to be your own boss

This easy-to-use platform includes the following:

  • Video tutorials
  • Illustrated eBooks
  • Interactive guides
  • Online tests
  • Worksheets
  • Tools and resources
  • Business reports
  • Access to business coaching

Students can get all of this at their own pace, whenever and wherever they want.

You and your institution will benefit in tangible ways:

  • The platform will complement and reinforce your curriculum
  • No investment is necessary on the part of your organization
  • The course will bolster the success of your student body
  • Your retention levels will increase
  • The program will help you grow and be recommended
  • You’ll achieve more solid, tangible results
  • You’ll be able to support the dreams of your students
Every student that takes an entrepreneurial course will generate an immediate 40-percent profit for you.
All you have to do is recommend the course to them.

This course has helped numerous entrepreneurs achieve success!

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