Psychology of a Recession

Without a doubt, today we all agree that the crisis is with us and wants to be with us indefinitely. It has reached us all, in one way or another, we are all being affected. Most negative of course, but even in the midst of the mess, there are many positive changes. For example, it is said that the following generations will be more responsible.
Judgment and integrity are formed through experiences and the environment around us. Due to the fact that in the following years we will have to learn to live with measure, without abuse, without the insane consumerism that we have been experiencing, the behavior of the youth will adapt to these new paradigms. We will begin to see a healthier youth, healthier, and above all more responsible.
In times of economic decline, families change their family activities and live together more. The typical Saturday night when the children go to the movies each on their own, the parents to dinner at a restaurant, and the uncles to a concert in the most popular nightclub in the city, will be changed for a family Saturday in home, with home-cooked dinner and board games or rented movies. This as a result of cuts and precautionary measures by which every family will be governed.

Junk food, “fast food”, by the way not the healthiest, has already suffered a large drop in sales. The key consumer in this industry, the 12-29 year old, is extremely concerned about their finances. The young minors, who depend on the economic health of their parents, obviously stopped consuming in large quantities as before. Now the “reheated” begins to have that special flavor that our moms give it. On the other hand, those over 18 are crossing the stage of higher education and do not want to waste the little money they have available. Those who graduate from the university do not find a job soon and as such they stretch their money to the maximum. Fast food is no longer so convenient, now we have the time to visit our aunt who cooks so well.
The bottom line is that the next season of our vast economy brings not only big economic changes but also big changes in how we act. Big psychological changes.

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