Permits and Licenses for a Business


Permits and Licenses for a Business


Permits and licenses are a requirement for all businesses and it is a very serious matter.

Knowing how to process permits and licenses can be intimidating. Maybe you’ve been trying to figure out what you need, but quickly found yourself confused. You’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs start with doubts about how to get the paperwork. This is because in different states and cities, there are different regulations. (This mini course takes the State of California as an example as it is one of the leaders in the USA.)

Your business must meet certain requirements. The last thing you want is for your business to fail because you did not comply with some simple legality.

The terms may seem complex because you are not familiar, but the reality is that they are simple, common and easy to understand. We present them in an easy-to-understand format.

Key Areas Covered:

  • General licenses and permits for a new business
  • Legal entities for a business
    • Sole proprietorship
    • Partnership
    • Corporation
  • Main advantages and disadvantages for each type of business
  • How to obtain licenses and permits such as:
    • Business license
    • Sellers permit
    • Corporation Filing
    • Fictitious Name
    • Federal identification number (EIN)
    • Trademarks and copyrights
    • Other industry specific permits

This course will teach you how to comply with these legalities and more!

In your time and space

This mini course lasts approximately 2 hours. You can This newsletter compendium can be read online or it can be printed. You can have access when you want and where you want. At your own pace and in parts. You just need a smartphone or a computer with internet.

Learn from a team of professionals with extensive experience in the field. 

Tools and materials included:

Learning Videos

E-book online or printed

Interactive Guides

Entrepreneur Coaching

Resources and Guides

What some entrepreneurs who took the course say:

Stephanie Turcios

Stephanie Turcios

Beauty Industry

I have to admit that understanding permits and licenses used to be like going to the dentist, but your course has completely simplified it for me and made it super easy to understand.

Austin Treble

41, Tampa

Where has this course been all this time?! This is the perfect course if you are starting a new business, they make it a snap to understand the fundamentals. I highly recommend it!


Richard Manning

Richard Manning


If permits and licenses are not your thing, I highly recommend this course. I can’t believe how easy to understand they have made it.


Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate of completion

This could be one of the most important and impactful decisions in your life as an entrepreneur.
Get to work today!

Course Cost: $97

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Tienes 30 días para probar el curso y adquirir estos valiosos conocimientos. Si no estás completamente satisfecho, simplemente solicita la devolución de tu dinero.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this material for people with business or can anyone take it?

This material is intended to support both an existing business and an entrepreneur. The existing business can do a self-analysis and compare strategies to improve it. An entrepreneur who wants to start his business will have many benefits with the guides and tools to maximize his chances of success.

Is this material suitable for any city or country?

Yes. The common core of the material is universal so that the techniques and guidelines can be implemented anywhere. Business rules are typically universal with changes in the context of where one is. (* the exception is the course of procedures (based in California) since the legalities change in each city or country).

What types of business benefit from this material?

Almost all types of business can benefit from this material. From a gardening business to a restaurant or a clinic. The material focuses on the keys to a good foundation, good management and growing a business, but leaves room for businesses with a specific niche.


Is prior education needed to understand the material?

Of course not. The material is made with that in mind. Anyone can understand the lessons and adopt them in their business or business plans. The success of these courses is precisely that it is understandable and easy to digest.

Do you offer any other services or support?

The focus of the site is to provide information and business guides. In specific cases, if any member needs support with licenses, permits, or any advice, they can contact us. Many times we can support or direct to achieve the solution.


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