The possible depression that lies ahead

We are on the eve of the greatest economic collapse that the United States has experienced in its recent history. All the indicators show that nobody can avoid it anymore. Look at the facts and draw your own conclusions.

The economy depends 70% on people’s consumption. Also, the economy has several industries that are vital signs showing our economic health. All these industries have cycles, which every so often, go up and down. This is very normal. There is nothing to be alarmed about. Well, when certain industries fall, others rise, and that’s how an economy recovers and moves on. It’s like catching a cold. It is normal, many times we get sick almost as a self-mechanism for our body to get rid of toxins. Under typical conditions, that flu will make us feel sick, but in a couple of days we’ll recover and move on. Likewise, our economy also gets sick and frees itself from toxins.

Today’s problem is that what is known as the perfect storm is approaching. All the industries that sometimes rise and sometimes fall, that sometimes die and sometimes are born, are aligned today. Most of them collapse. The government is doing everything possible to minimize the damage. It is your responsibility not to let the economy get sick to such a degree. But it’s too late. There is no immediate solution.  For the economy to come back to itself, what cannot stay up, has to fall. Companies that can adapt and do things better have to emerge. New ways of doing business. New and better technology. Simply put, the economy needs to get rid of toxins and start eating better. Too bad this process is very painful for people.

Having said that, the next question is: how long is this going to last?

Well, compared to a hurricane, let’s explain it like this. The storm has already arrived. We know that the eye of the economic hurricane has already made landfall. And although the Government granted a contribution to the economy of more than 7000 thousand billion dollars. This only represents an artificial mini-recovery. It’s like taking an aspirin. It makes you feel better, but it doesn’t cure you. This is how it will happen with the economy, the government stimulus, they will be felt and for a few months many people will think, the storm is over. It won’t. And for this reason the blow will be stronger. It is expected to hit us strongly in the second part of 2021.  It is common to hear out there, “after the storm comes calm”. Yes, in a normal storm. But not in a gigantic hurricane. And as you may know, the greatest damage is not felt in the eye of the hurricane, but after the hurricane passes. After collapse, progress always comes. Great changes will begin to flourish, new opportunities will arise, the American dream as we know it is being redefined… and now, those who have prepared themselves, renewed themselves, and adapted will once again face a world full of opportunities.

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